Altered Lands

Species of the Altered Lands


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Powerful entities that represent much more broad concepts than chimera. They don't engage with other beings, but there's a few that feed off of the energy eminated by the beings of the Altered Lands, so many avoid them out of fear of them being vampiric. They tend to deal with settlements of entities and see themselves as authorities over the Altered Lands.
All spirits use it/its pronouns unless specified otherwise.


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Chimera are physical representations of communities surrounding media, and are heavily influenced by attention people give it--the media's community they personify is called their source. Chimera are shapeshifters, and have a primary and altered form, alongside whatever else they prefer to present themselves as.


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Souls are physical representations of individual pieces of information (Memes), though there are some that were humans that had completely forgotten about by society, and barred from entering the afterlife. They're less powerful than chimera and spirits, and are the most abundant of the beings in the Altered Lands. Powerful chimera and spirits have a few souls that follow them around and idolize them; Some souls are said to exist purely as parasites to feed off of the energy of chimera.