2023-9-14: the main font and navbox font sucked for me to read so i changed them

2023-9-14: a good chunk of the images on the art pages are now hosted here instead of on catbox. Ive been told that catbox is blocked by a few ISPs, and that at least one person in a discord server im in couldnt view the images on there. ive been meaning to move mostly everything off of external image hosts for a while on there

2023-9-8: check the altered lands page, i have a new character up,,two more goobers to hopefully get profiles up asap and then i can deal with everyone else

2023-9-3: i have neocities supporter and im gonna use it!! ive had a couple ppl on discord say that some of the images on here are broken, so ill be trying to take images off of catbox and put them on here bc ive heard that some isps block it :( if it isnt done by tomorrow then itll probably maybe get done tomorrow, depends on if i feel like it

2023-8-29: Updating some character profiles in anticipation for a new character that will be added...eventually. note to self dont write things while im tired, the shit on those profiles is jaaaaaanky,,,english is my native language i just type how i think

2023-8-14: i figured webDAV out guys!!! also check the altered lands pages i added a new lore page

2023-8-11: hey guys check out my sexy new domain name B) ive been considering using a diff host for a bit but i have to use seaslug.party for something so i might as well get neocities supporter for a bit so it isnt left unused

2023-8-8: I now have an email for indieweb related/casual stuff, check it out on my links page!

2023-8-2: Added artwork created for this year's artfight. I'm probably going to use the same method of comical jpeg compression for creating thumbnails for the rest of the images i have in gallerys here. But for now, I'm probably going to continue figuring out oc lore stuff, and start working on the rest of the oc profiles I haven't done.

2023-7-18: Finally started my oc pages, which you can see by checking the navbar and clicking the ALTERED LANDS link. I have three characters and one lore page up. also the iframe link stuff is fixed now so now u can link individual pages here, yay!

2023-7-15: Added update section. I'm working on updated character profiles and planning out how i should write out lore.