Old Internet profiles

This was written a long time ago for an older version of my website.

This page contains art with blood, and discussion of suggestive/NSFW content.

I've screwed around on the internet for a good while. I thought it would be best if I were to be a little transparent about some of the things I've done. I am not the same person as i was years ago. I have done really stupid shit, that i regret to varying degrees.


Usernames I went by:

I dont remember the order I used them in but then again i used then interchangably sometimes...

  1. Patchyb4k4
  2. S3a Bunny/Sea Bunny
  3. Clockdeodorant
  4. Sometimes, I'd use a username I used on Sony Sketch! Anything there might also apply here

Amino was a fucking experience. I got up to a bunch of assorted shenanigans, most of them can be summarized with "An 11/12 year old does something dumb".

Cringe Amino

This was in fact, a moment in my life. I was a bit of an edgelord as a child, so I well...did edgy things. Most of these edgy things were harmless, such as posting weird art I found somewhere, but one of the things that I am very not proud of was when I raided a random amino alongside a bunch of randoms on cringe amino. For the sake of everyone's sanity, I will not be naming this amino, but it was some kind of community a random kid made for his weird Undertale AU.

Me and the cringe aminoers found it a little...curious, as the kid was basically doxxing himself, naming his parents, siblings, friends, and I believe even his hometown. One of the cringe aminoers i was in conteact with somehow found out the school this kid went to, though they thankfully kept this information to themself and me.

Shared folders, a feature that was recent to amino at the time, let people just throw images into a shared area that anyone else with the permissons could post to. One of the cringers ended up throwing a bunch of porn of The Gorillaz, MLP:FiM, and random other NSFW content into the shared folder for shock value, alongside various shitpost images i helped make; the amino owner was a little homophobic, one of the images i helped make was a gay steryotype running the owner's sona over with a car image soneone provided me.

There was two aminos this dude made, the first one was apparently hacked into and covered with various gay pride images (which was pretty funny in retrospective),and I'm not too sure what happened to the second one. I think it got abandoned? The was a few other random dumb shenanigans that happened, like how one time someone spammed the shared folder of a random aomino with a picture of garfield being crucified. Don't remember too much after that.

The cringe amino got deleted for some reason, probably reported by a bunch of understandably angry people. I was 12, and times were a bit different in 2017-2018, so im not too mad at myself; the only anger i have is at people being dumbasses and spamming porn and other lovely NSFW content in places NSFW content shouldn't be posted.

TASK Anti-NSFW (cringe? Porn?) force (name is a guess)

I don't remember too much about TASK. I heard about it on the Undertale amino, and I was skeptical at first as I believed strongly in the 34th wonderful rule of the internet. I ended up becoming more sympathetic to their cause of getting questionable stuff off of Amino, so I joined their community. The process was simple: Someone would find a place posting dubious stuff, we would investigate it, and then we would either tell the owner to knock it off or mass report the community to Amino. (I dont think this ever worked...) I rose through the ranks, and I became a moderator of the cummunity, the "Leader of spies", as I had an alt account i let other people use for looking into aminos. I only used it for perusing through the contents of a amino that were people would post content relating to a certain incestuous Undertale ship. I think someone in TASK pissed off a bunch of FNAF fans, and the community got mass reported, getting it deleted. Ironic.

Polandball Amino

Polandball was one of my earlier Interests™. I was around 10 when I found out about it, and around 12 when I joined Polandball Amino (PBA), which would be around 2017-2018. I didn't do anything too dumb, persay, but I did get into some really silly shenanigans.

I can't remember if this was a thing when i joined amino at first, but when public chats became popular, it became quite popular for people on PBA to make "Life RP" chatrooms. They were, uh, interesting. Sex! Drugs! Rock and roll! Anything went, as long as it was according to amino guidelines here! One particular Life RP I enjoyed lurking around in, and every morning I would open it up like a dad reading the paper for the day, seeing what silly shenanigans those kids are getting up to today. The RP had it all—pregnancy & childbirth, fun with drugs, stupid relationship drama, and as much sex that a bunch of horny teens and preteens could get away with! Things were fucking wild. I ended up getting kicked from the chat for posting a singular cursed Knuckles meme.

The PBA nearly met its end a few years ago around 2019, when one of the mods went rogue, demodded basically all the mods, and then went on a field day. For about a day, it was pure anarchy, with people yelling "WHAT IS HAPPENING" or spaming porn, because of course they would. As it turned out, the amino's previous owner was kind of an asshole, and liked to meme on the "unique" community on sites like iFunny. The rogue mod didn't like this, so they took over everything. Amino admins had to step in, temporarily locking the amino until things could get taken care of in terms of Amino moderation. The situation was thankfully managed! I wasn't too active on the amino during that incident, but i shitposted on there one last time before going into full lurker mode.

One of my big achievements was getting second place in a contest for the amino, where people would draw a character that was originally separate, before being absorbed into polandball: Omsk Bird (or The Winged Terror).

If you recognize this, then you're cool! Or not. You decide. (I WOULD NOT DRAW STUFF LIKE THIS NOWADAYS)

Countryhumans Amino

I was around 13 or 14 when i joined the amino, and i discovered countryhumans back in summer of 2018, making me an early fan. I don't remember anything particularly silly happening in it, other than that it would be raided by a bunch of edgelords who thought it was funny to bully kids on the internet. This happened A LOT with countryhumans, i ended up leaving the fandom for my own safety because it was bad. I mostly posted fanart, and occasionally would comment on posts i thought was interesting, said posts being mostly rarepair ship art, as i hated basically all of the popular ships in the fandom, though occasionally i would give some random constructive criticism. My tenure in the community would end unceremoniously as i ragequit the amino, posting a random rant and then peacing out. My countryhumans interest returned about a year later, and that time was REALLY INTERESTING. So interesting, in fact, that I might make a whole new page for it, if enough people are curious.

I thought I was soooo cool and edgy when i was 14

Sony Sketch

I dont remember the order I used them in but then again i used then interchangably sometimes...

  1. Patchyb4k4
  2. S3a Bunny/Sea Bunny
  3. Clockdeodorant
  4. patchypatches
  5. druggeddrug (joke username)
  6. this doesn't count any random joke usernames i used occasionally.

I started using sketch in 2016, making an account and everything, but i didn't actually use the social aspect of the app until around late-ish 2017. I mass downloaded everything i made with the app when it shut down back in 2019 (or 2020?). Let me take you on a lovely journey of "Young Mira discovers the power of being edgy on the internet!" using actual images I created and posted on to Sketch. Sketch had a cool feature called something like collaborations. If you made what you posted a collaboration, then anyone could edit it, and then post their version of it. It was really cool.

Created some time in 2016. One of the first drawings i posted online.
I wonder what the template maker's doing now...
"I'm feeling kinda non-binary tho" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA oh you sweet summer child...

Something I liked to do was to find random edgy collaborations with a drawing to draw over/color in, and then edit the shit out of it so that it wasnt edgy! Genuinely really fun to do that stuff.

Another popular type of collaboration was what i like to call "Your reaction". On the top, a drawing or picture of some situation, usually NSFW or edgy. The bottom is blank, with the text "your reaction" usually at the top. you would then add whatever reaction you had to the image. Some of these were meant for roleplaying, but most of the time people would just be trolling the collaboration creator.

One of the many "Your Reaction" collabs i messed with. You do NOT need to know what I censored.

There were also collabs where someone would have you redraw your oc, you would draw your oc and someone else could redraw them, bases that you could put your ocs in, little games where you erased an upper layer to get something... all sorts of things could be done with collabs!

My sketch shenanigans can't be summed up with words. here's a few choice images that i actually posted online at some point.

I took a liking to hijacking random collabs and replacing whatever message it originally had with something infinitely better.
Eventually, I realized that it was funnier if i just shoved a reaction image on to a particularly nasty "Your Reaction " Collab. Low effort AND easy attention!
Typical "draw your oc in a style" collab base i found.
These types of collabs where you would erase parts of an image and then draw an oc based on what was erased were quite fun!
The origin of DruggedDrug.
A typical "Erase a thing and draw your oc like this" collab. Most of these were erasing something, getting an outfit/scenario, and then drawing your oc(s) in that outfit/scenario.

Not shown: Numerous shitposts in which i just censored literal porn and then posted a funny reaction image/one of my ocs cringing to it, various images where i drew other people's ocs, low-effort collab hijacks, and various tag yourself meme collabs. things were wild on sketch.