Krita Resources

i dont use krita rn because its super laggy on the laptop im using, so now im using a very legally obtained (wink) version of csp lol

I've used Krita for a few years, so I have a bunch of random stuff I've downloaded off of who knows where. Here's the links to what I've found!


FizzyFlower’s “ESSENTIAL” Brushset
A VERY LARGE AMOUNT of random brushes that might make drawing backgrounds a little easier ^^
This pack is huge so krita might freeze for a bit when you import it
Pesi's Set of Watercolor Brushes
It's a bunch of pretty watercolor brushes. Nothing much to say here tbh all of em look great
SK Sketching in Krita
REALLY GOOD graphite pencil brushes
These look weird on backgrounds that arent white
Nightray Experimental RGBA Bundle
like 20 rgba brushes; the second 20 are watercolor variants, and the third 20 are blenders
Fizzyflower’s ULTIMATE MyPaint Brush Collection
Mypaint is an art program specifically intended for people who use drawing tablets. The brushes are compatable with krita, and someone went through the trouble of making some of the most popular brush packs work better with krita!
Rakurri Brush Set
All of these brushes kick ass
btw this dude also made a bunch of gradients
Some crayons
A small collection of brushes made to look like crayons :D
Dirty Chalk
these brushes are kinda like the crayons but theyre different i swear
Mojo MOO
A collection of bundles containing brushes and tools specifically made for comic making
this page is 100% safe i think the security is a lil busted on it


Imagine board
Allows you to make image boards/moodboards right in krita! might take a bit to learn
Timer Watch
Simple time management tool
Photobash plugin
Makes photobashing in krita a bit easier.
Alternate reference tool
Krita used to have a reference DOCKER, but it was buggy as hell so it was replaced by a reference TOOL. In case you don't like the tool, someone recreated the reference docker.
An alternate color picker
Note: might work weird, krita isnt used to having like two color pickers at the same time (this is not the best explanation for this issue)

Other Stuff

Despite the name, all of these color palettes are 100% compatable with Krita
GIMP Palettes
Some more color palettes!