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2024-03-14 at 6:08 PM.

the color of a chimera's energy, which is like blood physically but a lot more like,,,glossy and almost glittery correlates to nothing but theres probably some chimera who made up a whole personality thing based on energy color

i wanna add energy color to my ocs profiles now purely to see if anyone tries to connect it to personality

zodiac sign stuff probably isnt super popular since most beings dont know their birthday but any other kind of wild personality psuedoscience could be fair game

i just realized what im going to do. hs police dont get me

2024-03-12 at 3:11 PM.

i heard the phrase "mindless violence is freedom" during a stream im watching and i think it accurately describes how a lot of chimera think

(Note from the future: the stream was one of Fredrik Knudsen's streams over on Twitch)

2024-03-08 at 2:08 PM.

ive been rotating around the idea of making theo bigender too because it would be funny

the dichotomy of the two chimera who know what gender are being a psychic investigator who has severe unresolved mental issues and a commander of an army of souls that barely anyone except himself takes seriously

2024-03-06 at 10:47 PM.

psyche is fixated with finding a purpose to life, and i feel like that leads to them being very dedicated yet so, so fragile. theyre a glass cannon both physically and mentally

2024-02-28 at 11:22 PM.

the immortality of fiction is beautiful yet cruel

this is so altered lands

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the fact that i'm no longer the same age as the protagonists of novels and films i once related to is so heartbreaking. i age, they don't. the immortality of fiction is beautiful but cruel

2024-02-21 at 11:56 AM.

the altered lands is filled with flowers, and the first inhabitants, the spirits, would use these flowers as currency. eventually spirits would make this currency into something that isnt flowers called Flor, divided up into 10 petals.

2024-02-12 at 5:16 pm.

saying this here so i can remember it but. high energy chimera probably resemble spirits a lot and are mistaken for one sometimes

2024-01-26 at 8:38 pm.

like,,,death in the altered lands isnt death in the traditonal human sense but more in a way where you slowly lose any sense of who you are and you eventually just. vanish. like your body disappears and youre doomed to live life as an idle soul unable to do anything until you suddenly gain a new purpose and you gain a new body and even then thats not guaranteed

2024-01-23 at 6:11 pm.

Antony: he doesnt really care abt people who arent himself or his close friends/family

Mellow: immediately assumes that whoever's giving the news had something to do with the reason for the news. If this sounds like a weird assumption, then that's because it is

Theo: Barely takes anything seriously, even when he says he's taking things seriously

Whitney: He's awful at decisions

2024-01-16 from 10:40 pm to 11:11 pm

me: i have to keep reminding myself that antony knows how to make bombs and other very safe and responsible objects and/or substances (sarcasm)

antony is found passed out not bc of his body giving out but because he accidentally made chloroform again

antony knowing how to make bombs is completely unrelated to his job, he just taught himself how to make waaay back around the time he manifested bc he thought the altered lands was a little too boring

yknow. making things more interesting by making a banger molotov cocktail

[REDACTED]: he thought it was too boring so he decided to set things on fire?? 😂

me: the funny part is that he's objectively wrong about the boring part


me: antony my boy. just admit you need therapy.

he (allegedly) quit making bombs years ago, as he found a new way to vent out his frustrations in the form of podcasting

he got better btw. he no longer makes podcasts


what was his podcast about

me: him and his friends (theo and mellow) talking abt random recent events, they quit because antony realized that the podcast was going absolutely nowhere

late 2000s-early 2010s antony was sure something. he was probably going through some kind of manic episode

like part of his mental state was just him happy to see whitney alive again and part of it was mental illness

for context antony is older than whitney and antony was adopted into his family bc he didnt have anywhere better to go at the time (this was in the 90s so whitney wasnt too screwed up yet)

he's not bio related and he had a phase where he kind of went off and did whatever for a while but he is incredibly close to the rusthook family

[REDACTED]: how come he was happy ot see whitney alive again. like as in why did he think he was dead. or did whitney actually die and come back to life

me: i could say why but its a massive spoiler that im keeping to myself for now

2024-01-16 at 1:04 am.

i should go onto pinterest at weird hours more bc i found an image that is such an accurate description of mellow's mental issues

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hey babe did it hurt when you fell from heaven haha? hey babe did you see a god in heaven haha?? hey babe is there even a god at all?? Does life have a point???? Babe?????? Or are we all just pointless machines in an uncaring universe????????????? Babe ?????????????

2024-01-05 at 7:27 pm.

designing a character and im realizing why its kinda fun to design chimera for oldass fandoms. these fandoms are from a different time and researching what people did back then is quite fascinating

theres something oddly fascinating in how old adventure game fansites always had a section for tip with whatever game(s) the site's owner played, which is obvious tbh but also fun to see which sites have and dont have a tips section

most of these sites dont have sections for fanart (which i frequently base chimera off of) but theres a fuckton of fanfic archives

probably gonna integrate the consistency with tips sections and large amounts of fanfiction as like,,,chimera for older adventure games being very helpful to each other, alongside frequently being inclined toward writing

2023-12-23 at 11:28 am.

i just remembered this screenshot i took a couple days ago

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Pre-Glee, fandoms tolerated baiting and explored unexplored relationships in fiction and through alternative mediums. But with Glee, fans began regularly interacting with showrunners and even convinced them to make one-off joke relationships, like Britanna, ,canon. Since then many fandoms have become obsessed with the need for ships to be made canon. In the early 2010s, fandoms would wage wars to win Entertainment Weeky and Zimbio polls in the hopes of swaying showrunners.

all roads start from glee

2023-12-02 at 8:49 PM.

had a thought earlier abt how chimera view humans. most chimera find humans strange in that they follow weird arbitrary rules that dont really contribute to anything, and that they (chimera) are obviously better because THEY dont listen to bullshit rules (lying)

this then led to a hilarious idea ive had for a while of beings in the altered lands pretending to be human on the internet

which then led to me questioning like,,,a chimera's relationship to their source media my conclusion is that it depends, a chimera's knowledge of their own soure media only extends to what's publically known, and that its seen as impolite and strange to bring up one's own source outside of specific conversations relating to it

2023-11-23 at 9:57 AM.

I had a hilarious idea last night where Albertine is one of the only chimera who understands human gender enough to identify with one, and she tries her hardest to explain it but most ppl either think gender is dumb or think Albertine is nuts bc no sane person would understand gender

2023-11-13 at 8:22 PM.

fun fact whitneys last name was a suggestion from the artfight server

whitney and his siblings all have wavy or curly hair, never fully straight

chimera cant really be siblings in a human sense so theyre all like,,,found family (still weird to ship them because theyre siblings) but i still like adding little tells and consistent things throughout characters meant to be related because it makes the part of my brain that nitpicks over genetics happy