Altered Lands


All beings in the Altered Lands have aspects. Aspects determine a being's strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.


Various types of psionic/psychic abilities, like psychokinesis, and telepathy. They are known for frequently going nuts due to their psionic abilities.


The masters of shapeshifting, they have heightened physical abilities, and are relatively normal compared to most beings. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are powerless: they just dont have crazy magic and mind powers.


The magicians of the Altered Lands, they're the most whimsical and less logical parallel to mind-aspected beings, trading their power for more mental stability. Soul-aspected beings are very common, likely the most common aspect in the Altered Lands.


A being gets the heart aspect after an attempt to cheat death involving binding their soul to an object, so that if their body were to vanish, then they would live on through the object. The object is hard to destroy, but if it were destroyed, then the being would return to whatever aspect they had before gaining the heart aspect (alongside having to survive the intensely painful experience of having their heart object broken). Their ability is modified to their heart object, so if a being that's a pyromancer becomes heart-aspected to a sword, then their ability would then have something to do with both fire and swords.