Altered Lands


Affinities determine the physical body and various characteristics of a being. Spirits do not have an affinity. Anything involving real people, like bandoms, youtubers, etc. will not be personified.

The first entry in a series determines the affinity of it’s chimera. If a large franchise started off as a live-action series, and later got a book, then the chimera would have a live-action affinity.

Affinities are exclusive to Chimera, and usually influences a chimera's appearance and how their body reacts to certain spells.

Examples of Affinities

Literature and writing: Most of them are also shapeshifters, changing their own appearance a lot. Many forget that some of the most powerful chimera have a literature affinity.

Animated Media: Their bodies very rarely make sense. Sometimes it's weird cartoon physics, sometimes it's weird hammerspace shenanigans. A lot of Chimera like this are used to being pushed around and treated like crap, because they were.

Games: Counts for both video and non-video games. Their body and abilities work based on mechanics from their source, and many of them are difficult to kill, which leads to a lot of them having a reputation for getting cocky and overly prideful about themselves.

Live-action Media: Their appearances are humanlike, and tend to have human limits to their bodies and abilities. Despite this, many of them tend to have quite...flamboyant abilities. While they are high in number, all of them are quite tight-knit, and try to help each other if needed.

Radio & Podcasts: Similar to Literature Chimera in terms of having an inconsistent appearance, but R&P chimera are known for having very memorable and pleasant voices.

Sequential Art: Referring to comics, manga, webcomics, and comic-adjacent things. They're known for being flamboyant in both appearance and abilities, with them frequently showing off their abilities. Similar to literature chimera, many forget that some powerful chimera are Sequential Art Chimera.

Internet Natives: Refers to weird screwy chimera whose source takes advantage of the internet (Like ARGs). They are similar to whatever affinity they parallel, but their abilities are similarly flamboyant to Sequential Art chimera. Most of them have a reputation for being pretentious and full of themselves since a lot of them love telling people that they're internet natives.


Serial media (Tv Series, shows, episodic games, etc.) are used to getting quick and short amounts of energy, but many avoid getting attached to them due to the chance they they'll lose all their energy and die.

Compared to movies, who get large amounts of energy between large amounts of time, usually years. They're more stable mentally and physically than serial media, but they tend to be overly hopeful for gaining energy in situations where it's clear that they won't get a stable source energy ever again.

Canonless fandoms (Like Goncharov) have no affinity; The lack of an affinity is referred to as "Null", and the appearance of null chimera are instead determined by their ability and source.