Altered Lands


You ever look at a guy and think "This person looks so kind, I would trust this person to babysit my new puppy?" Well, Whitney is, in fact, someone who you would NOT trust to babysit a puppy. Whitney is a crude, impulsive, and somewhat smug guy who was a pirate for years, before an incident led him to help his dad out with his "liquidation" business, which, despite the front operation him and his brother Antony made, is not related to investigation at all, but rather another thing its killing people. He's always been like this, and the only thing about him that's calmed down is his truely fascinating fashion sense, which is like if a pirate was also a random tourist that got all of his clothes from some shitty tourist trap surf shack. by the way hes still a pirate just not the swashbuckling kind seed your torrents