Altered Lands


Antony is not an investigator. I understand if you need a moment to process such a shocking revelation. You see, the investigator thing is a (really crappy) front to make people think that him and his brother Whitney aren't weirdos who kill people for a living. At this point Antony's only in the killing business because he doesn't want to piss off his boss, who is also his dad.

Despite being labeled as a wererabbit, he prefers to be in his rabbit form more often; some say he used to appear human more often, but he quit because he realized that he liked being a rabbit more than humanoid. When he still used his humanoid form, he was known for being a socialite who was full of himself -- but then again, he was never that good at socializing, as 90% of the time he would spit out awful snarky quips and act like a smug loser.

He also likes to commit various acts of chaos, like throwing Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, and bricks at buildings he doesn't like. Legend has it that the most chaotic thing he does is put the milk in *before* the cereal every morning.