You ever look at a guy and think "This person looks so kind, I would trust this person to babysit my new puppy?" Well, Whitney is, in fact, someone who you would NOT trust to babysit a puppy. Whitney is a crude, impulsive, and somewhat smug guy who was a pirate for years before deciding that he was too old for all of that business, and became an investigator like his brother Antony for unknown reasons. He's always been like this, and the only thing about him that's calmed down is his truely fascinating fashion sense, which is like if a pirate was also a random tourist that got all of his clothes from some shitty tourist trap surf shack. by the way hes still a pirate just not the swashbuckling kind dont forget to seed torrents!!

Appearance Whitney has noticibly tanned skin, curly red hair, and a full beard (society has questioned if he is an actual redhead). He frequently wears a large hat with an oversized yellow feather in it, which is seemingly used as a storage device as Whitney has frequently been sighted pulling all sorts of random crap out of it— his sword, snacks, various legally obtained CDs...who knows what's in that thing? While he preferred more fancy looking clothes in the past, Whitney nowadays prefers more comfortable and loose clothes.

Personality Remember that statement about Whitney being a crude, impulsive, and somewhat smug guy? No? Well, that statement was 100% true! Whitney has a reputation for Leeroy Jenkinsing every single combat situation he's been in, not just for fighting, but for slinging various insults at people! While his fighting abilities are average at worst, he truely excels at coming up with and throwing all sorts of fun insults and taunts at people, and manages to get away unscathed 99% of the time! We don't talk about the 1%. Because he slings around insults and gets away with it, he's become full of himself and makes all sorts of fun and creative (sarcasm) quips toward people. Despite all of that, Whitney legitimately cares about his family, being the one who keeps everyone from killing each other during heated arguments. He's also the fun uncle who brings kids to arcades and other random places, hell yeah!

Whitney was a member of a notable investigation association that was run by a group of sibings. Whitney, while not the oldest of the group, was one of the most loved due to being a genuinely fun person to be around and the one everyone would call when random fragments would show up and start fights. The association was eventually dissolved, and everyone went their separate ways. Antony left earlier due to an opportunity in a large city, and a few others had ran off to join other gangs and agencies. Whitney became a pirate for a while, mostly selling legally obtained objects and other fun pirate things. At some point Whitney either got bored of the pirate lifestyle, and decided to quit —he had recently learned that Antony was still alive, and had been trying to found a new investigation association! Their association, named Rusthook Investigations, sucked because it was in a weird part of the Altered Lands, but Antony had the idea of moving over to a city called Arcadia, claiming it would give them much more business than their shitty outpost in the sticks. Things got a lot more interesting once everything was moved to Arcadia, as Whitney and Antony had started to gain a huge amount of energy, leading to some really dumb decisions. Antony, Whitney, and a few new fellows they met had all decided that it was a really bad idea for them to stay in Arcadia, and thus, Antony moved the main office of Rusthook Investigations to a small village after spending a few years in Arcadia.

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