Theo is a stupid idiot goober and himbo that somehow manages to be disturbingly talented at being a commander. He fights reversal creatures and invasive figments that cause trouble throughout the Altered Lands...despite his goofiness, he somehow manages to be good at convincing chimera and figments to work with him to do this stuff. he is a werewolf who can become a german shepherd, but other than the change in form, he's still the goofy himbo that many chimera have grown to love (in more ways than one). He has a collection of various objects relating to cartoon horses, HATS, and weaponry of varying practicality. He covets his collection of cartoon horses and would die for them alongside a bunch of hats that he wears a LOT. Some say that he'll die without one, though nobody has actually tried to prove this claim.

Appearance Theo has messy reddish-brown hair, light skin, and a blue left eye and a red right eye. He's skinny, but not twinkish, as he has a bit of muscle on those bones both from being a werewolf and from having to do a lot of running and heavy lifting while fighting invasive creatures and dragging random suckers over to fight said invasive creatures. He wears whatever random militaresque clothes he can find, alongside stuff with dumb quotes that don't restrict his arms and legs. He is never seen without some random hat he has in his horde and a pair of headphones, and nobody knows how many hats he has.

Personality He's a bit of a himbo, being beefy, dumb, and kind. You see, he's dumb--not stupid. He does weird, impulsive things and is a massive airhead. Despite his airheadedness, he's suprisingly smart. Theo can be described as a humanoid, talking dog in terms of personality. He's loyal (to a degree), very hyperactive, and quite sweet. He is really bad at flirting, and pretty much everyone knows about his attempts at picking dudes up. He knows about consent, though, so he knows not to pick drunk or high guys up.

History Theo's a lot older than many think, having existed since 1996, becoming a bit more powerful in 1999, and then...nothing. He basically existed in a weird half-alive state, having some energy, but not much. And then 2007 happened. What proceeded was Theo running around and being a complete dumbass for a few years, earning a reputation for being a complete weirdo shitposter with a tendency to have one night stands. He dropped by Rusthook Investigations occasionally in a crude attempt to pick up guys there, and met Antony while attempting to hook up with him. Theo eventually overstepped a few boundaries, so someone called Chiyoko forced him to work for her for a while, because she wanted someone to help with spring cleaning. Classic Chiyoko! After Chiyoko made Theo her unpaid housekeeper for a few weeks, they stayed somewhat close, and they still occasionally visit each other to this day. Theo isn't as powerful as he was, but he's alive, moving, and still manages to get random guys to go out with him, so he doesn't care what cards are dealt to him--he's not dead, and that's good! By the way, he used to be a brony, but he has since recovered and has become a furry. Who knew that being a werewolf wasn't so bad?

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