Chimera, while not the most powerful, are the dominant species in the Altered Lands.

Chimera are deity-like beings normally incomprehensible to humans. They represent large communities of humans, but for the sake of everyone's sanity, the chimera primarily focused on are typically representative of large communities of humans that gather online, usually for media. They're personified fandoms, basically.

Why are they called Chimera?

Well, they're culminations of large amounts of memes, alternatively known as memeplexes, that happened to become sapient, and thus alive. They are chimeras of memes, basically. They spawn in once a meme becomes a memeplex, and stays that way for a small period of time, enough to create a body and appearance, usually presenting as a young individual of whatever species they are at first (though most chimera start presenting as an adult after around a month)


If a chimera either gets overwhelmed by large amounts of information entering their body at once, or goes through extremely large amounts of emotional turmoil in a short amount of time, then there is a chance that the chimera will undergo a process called reversal, which causes their body, now damaged, to switch places with their soul, in an attempt to recover and heal their body from the damage it underwent. The soul, now visible and taking the body's place, reacts accordingly to protect their body. The chimera is completely unconscious during this process, but those who regain consciousness are said to gain odd powers involving the souls of chimera.


Fragments are beings that represent information that is widely transferred, and are the most numerous of the beings in the Altered Lands.

Fragments represent individual memes. Fragments in the Altered Lands represent internet memes, both of our world and of others. Some fragments live on their own, while others are fiercely loyal to one or more chimera. Most fragments, especially weaker ones, aren't too complex mentally. A lot of them are like animals, while others are sapient or sentient. Most fragments don't really have names, and are typically named by chimera or spirits.


Spirits are the most powerful beings in the Altered Lands, but their influence isn't felt much due to their preference to stay among each other and not interact with other chimera unless specifically called for.

Spirits are beings not made up of memes, but rather, they're beings that are reflections of the energy emitted from beings in worlds not inhabited by chimera. They typically reflect the energy emanated by the fanbases of real people, but they also can reflect broad concepts. Spirits are extremely powerful, and can possess chimera and fragments if they desire. There are many stories of chimera angering spirits and getting screwed over. Do NOT mess with spirits. You will die.