Souffle is Souffle. He was a guardian, having others hire him to protect them like a bodyguard. He went crazy after a while, and now he has a reputation for doing all sorts of wild stuff. He's a damn cartoon, despite his game affinity, and so is either the goofiest goober that's ever existed, or a genuine threat. Don't take him for granted, as he could easily fuck you up if you're not prepared.

Appearance Souffle is tall and skinny with green, brown, and creamy white fluff, with his neck and torso being mostly white on the front and green on the back. His arms and legs are brown, with his legs being a much darker shade. His eyes are dark brown with a brown band resembling a mask separating the green and cream-colored parts of his head. He almost always wears clothes with an open back due to his wings, which are translucent with red vessels; his clothing tends to be simple and pragmatic--for years, he wore red, but recently he's taken a liking toward a darker teal for his clothes. His light blue bandana was originally Castella's, but he gave it to Souffle as it didn't go with the outfit he had.


Souffle is a full-blown cryptid. He seems to be completely different from what he was like in the past; he went from a goofy cartoony knight-like fellow to a reclusive danger to society. What the heck happened here?

He's always been obsessed with finding "the one," and has been on multiple quests to find a "soulmate" to fixate on. Him being a guardian means that he's fiercely protective of whoever he considers his "soulmate" at the time, often to the point where said "soulmate" is unable to do much of anything without Souffle getting in their way, which then leads to said "soulmate" ditching Souffle, which leads to Souffle finding a new one...and the cycle repeats ad infinitum.

Souffle and his siblings were alwasys known for being quite...unusual. You know those kids who thought there were absolutely crazy and acted LOLXD RANDOM? Yeah, all of them were like that. A bunch of guys acting very obnoxious and weird for no real reason.


Some information is intentionally left out, due to how spoilery Souffle is.

Souffle has always been a bit strange and quirky. He's one of the many game chimera who were created with bodies who could handle large amounts of energy, and his physical form can adapt to many different things. He lived on his own with his older siblings for a while, before ditching them for the city Aubade. Things went fairly well there, but an an incident, alongside his younger sibling Castella coming into existence, caused him to leave. He wanted to be there for Castella, taking care of him for as long as he could. Souffle tried his best to care for him, but soon Castella, alongside a few of Souffle's other siblings, decided to leave. Souffle has been looking for his brother Castella since then, hoping and praying that he's forgiven him.

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