awwwww.. the boinky spunge.. crinkly doo.. the shronkle scrimblo,,,this guy is too good for this world he is filled with so much love,,,,but also he LIFTS he is a CHAD he can PICK YOU UP and KILL you,,somehow people look up to this dude, but its okay hes allowed to be a role model because hes one of the few beings in the Altered Lands that isnt entirely awful and cringe. He is very normal and mentally stable and totally does not have any issues relating to his mortality!! hes so normal!!! Hes just a goofy little guy who runs an advice column for a magazine who is very sane and normal and not having an existential crisis guys i swear hes fine he doesnt need therapy!!

Appearance Mellow is a blobby little guy thats all white and a noodley, muscle-y body, with pale blue eyes and a long ponytail that hangs around his waist (though i usually exaggerate the length). He has a curiously marshmallow-y texture to his skin, but he tells people that they're just imagining the texture. He tends to wear blue sportswear...and blue shoes...does he only have blue clothes?

Personality Mellow is probably one of the wackiest guys out of Antony's gang. He's a little ray of sunshine that enjoys motivating and bringing up younger chimera, despite some of his more unusual quirks. He runs a popular advice column in a magazine aimed toward young chimera, causing many to forget about some of the shenanigans he got up to in the past. He tends to think about his life, mortality, and the existence of chimera a lot...why do chimera exist? What can kill a chimera? What is the point of existing? What is the meaning of life? How long is the lifespan of a chimera? If you ignore the massive amounts of existential dread and fear of death that he has, then he's quite the nice guy! He lifts and exercises a lot, likes to make random contraptions out of junk he finds, and bakes in his spare time. Mellow also "ironically" listens to shitty old metal, and makes vintage PC builds for no particular reason.

History Mellow has a very, very odd life. He's a prominent member of a gang known as flashwave, so many parts of his life coincided with theirs. Mellow and a the flashwavers traveled to Arcadia, as many famous chimera were part of it and they wanted to be closer to actual civilization. Mellow mostly prioritized his fellow flashwavers, as he was always much closer to them, but he would occasionally fool around with an association of investigators called Rusthook Investigations that he would gossip to about various happenings. He slowed down after a while, and became a writer for an advice column in a magazine for younger chimera. He prefers to hang around members of flashwave, and he soon had barely any time to be around Theo and Antony, which eventually caused their group to drift apart.

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