Have you ever wanted to meet someone who could fucking kill you? well congratulations you have a woman to kill you! anyways this is chiyoko shes a wacky magician witch thing that literally just wants one second to herself but nooooooo she HAAAAS to be the big powerful magician who everyone wants to help them,,poor thang!! Her knowledge on various parts of the Altered Lands lead many really bad attempts at getting her to spill that knowledge. Do not do this, you will die. Many envy her collection of figures, shiny things, and other anime stuff. She has a bunch of cute frilly dresses that she prefers wearing over normal clothes.

Appearance Chiyoko has black hair, typically styled into a fluffy bob with a red and white striped headband to keep her hair out of her face. Her usual outfit is a white collared shirt with puffy sleeves and a bright red ribbon, with a red jumper skirt over it with a belt to compliment her body type. Her eyes are dark purple, likely from the magic she constantly surrounds herself with.

Personality One look at Chiyoko would make people think she's a normal responsible person. She is not. Just because Chiyoko isn't a complete jackass doesn't mean that she isn't a dickhead. She pretends that she's a normal responsible person mostly because she's expected by society to be a normal responsible person. She's done a huge amount of really dumb and immoral stuff over the years, most of which involve her going on wonderful little quests to beat the tar out of someone who pissed her or one of her friends off, or because she wants to. Despite all of that, she has a relatively good reputation, and has been known for teaching others her magic in exchange for them doing unpaid work for her. Why the heck does Chiyoko have a good reputation, then? Well, in contrast to the countless amounts of immoral crap she's done, she has done an equal amount of great things, most of which involve her casual studies on the abilities and aspects of the various beings in the Altered Lands, and like mentioned earlier, willingly teaches others her magic. When she isn't yelling at kids to fuck off, or forcing her students to do random crap for her, she's finding random chicks to hook up with. She also has a completely unhinged and insane sense of humor, most of which revolves around random objects, plushes, and various psychedelic substances. Theres a rumor that she has a living plush that spawned after she made a few too many absurd and obscure jokes around it, but it seems to become lifeless when someone who isn't Chiyoko talks to it. Weird...

Chiyoko has been through a lot, so much that explaining it all would make this section too long. To make a long story short, Chiyoko started off as a small doujin game (Japanese indie game) fandom, staying small for a few years before gaining a huge spike in energy. She barely spoke English, yet a group of English-speaking chimera that were also Japanese found and recruited her to a group that became infamous for getting up to a huge amount of shenanigans. She did a bunch of stuff that was funny for the time, but is now kind of fucked up and immoral. She became more and more powerful within that group, and ended up scoring a sweet leadership role in it. Her involvement in this group made her both famous and infamous, and all sorts of chimera ended of becoming friends with her. A good chunk of these guys were either random people she hooked up with or people she found and taught magic to. Not much has changed from the past to now, as she still teaches magic to random people she finds, and she's still in that group she joined many years ago.

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