ooooooh,,,,,, you poor thang,,,,, you pathetic little creature,,,, you sopping wet little victorian orphan,,,,Castella is so pathetic its stupid, this little jester has somehow managed to stay alive throughout the years through sheer force of will and Other Methods(tm). He's currently trying to stay far away from his older sibling Souffle, due to a falling out between them that Castella claims caused him to "see the truth" about Souffle. Nobody legitimately believes the "truth" Castella spits out.

Appearance Castella is made entirely out of clay, not counting his hat and clothes. Half of his body is a dark, burgundy color with the other being that white color you see in cheap airdry clay (he covers his left arm with a long white glove). He has some kind of antenna...thing...covering where his left eye would be if he had one, though most people notice his oversized rec jester hat first instead of the clearly missing eye being covered up. After ditching Souffle, he started using the oversized collar of his red shirt to cover his mouth up, presumably as a crude attempt to hide his identity. He wears a white tunic with a red cloth belt over his shirt, as he thinks that just having a red shirt and shorts looks dumb and weird.


Castella is so fucking pathetic is kind of funny. He jingles around occasionally offering some attempt at entertaining others. He used to be a lot more goofy and less pathetic, but after a previously mentioned incident with Souffle, he became a lot more timid and quiet. He must've decided that its easier to hide from Souffle if he stays on the down low. When he isn't jingling around like the little freak that he is, he likes to wander into random venues and tell jokes at the expense of himself, which leads to him getting kicked out. He also likes to collect pretty rocks and other random things on the ground, learning about obscure religious symbolism, and making random weapons for no particular reason.


A whole bunch of information is intentionally left out because Castella is very spoilery.

Castella, like Souffle, wasn't always the way that he was. Castella used to be a lively, jovial fellow, constantly making jokes that wouldn't be out of place in an old cartoon...a lot of said jokes and gaffs he made back then wouldn't fly today. Over time, Castella started to become much more unstable and anxious, caused in part by Souffle also becoming more and more unstable. It's a weird form of mutual destruction, but instead of killing each other its driving each other insane. Castella eventually had enough of watching Souffle spiral downhill into madness, so he ran away. Who knows what the heck Castella's up to now?

Notable Relationships
  • Souffle: Castella's older brother; Their relationship became quite shaky after an argument that caused Castella to run away from him.
  • Antony: Castella tried working with him at his investigation agency for a while, but got fired after Antony discovered that he's really bad at being an investigator. Antony doesn't think about Castella anymore.

Assorted Graphics

Gallery More drawings of Castella can be viewed on Toyhouse.