Aspects & Affinities

Every being in the Altered Lands is associated with an aspect that determines their abilites, strengths, and weaknesses, and an affinity that determines their physical body and other characteristics.


Aspects are categories that determine abilities, alongside strengths and weaknesses.


Psychic abilities! Simple, and to the point, just like how most mind-aspected beings are. Can't see into the future, though...what a shame!


this page has everything needed tbh


Anything relating to a being's body, such as physical enhancements like super strength and speed and skilled shapeshifting. This isn't a lack of an aspect, so don't assume it is.


Enhanced body
Enhanced speed
Enhanced strength
Supernatural regeneration
this ability only effects fragments, not chimera
Supernatural defense


The being's ability heavily revolves around a single object; if the object is damaged, then the being is injured; if the object is destroyed, then the being is knocked out until the object regenerates.


Powers via object
Weapon mimicry
Heart drive
Soul jar
Empathic weaponry


this is pretty much the "I have no idea where to put this aspect" but also,,,,its an aspect where a being is really good at one thing and one thing only. elemental magic and other stuff goes here


Elemental Manipulation
pretty much anything on the powerlisting wiki that doesnt fit into mind, body, and heart tbh


Affinities determine the physical body and various characteristics of a being. Spirits do not have an affinity. Anything involving real people, like bandoms, youtubers, etc. will not be personified.

The first entry in a series determines the affinity of it's chimera. If a large franchise started off as a live-action series, and later got a book, then the chimera would have a live-action affinity.

Affinities for chimera are usually the media the chimera is a part of. Theres more affinities than whats listed, so feel free to theorize about certain esoteric affinities!

has a stilted way of speaking, with many having an overdescribing problem
They have inconsistent appearances, with them changing whenever they want or feel the need to
they're visual learners *wink wink*
many of these guys are old farts
Animated media
theyre fuckin cartoons their bodies dont really make sense in a human way
they all can use the magical power of hammerspace™
most of them are used to being treated like shit and rejected all the time
many beings treat them like children...not as much as how they did years ago, but it's still a problem
Games (video, board, and tabletop)
mechanics from their source frequently, though not always, apply to them
they also have hammerspace™ but it has a lot more limits than what animated chimera have
they're used to not getting energy frequently or consistently...
the embodiments of "FUCK AROUND FIND OUT" and "FUCK IT WE BALL"
Live-action media
almost always have a normal human-y appearance
normal human limitations frequently apply to these poor guys
theres a huge amount of these guys, its not even funny its just weird
they're massive energy and power junkies as a lot of them get energy very frequently
Radio & podcasts
the radio ones are old farts, the podcast ones are like milennials or zoomers
they have a reputation for having very hypnotizing voices that you could get lost in
they're auditory learners *wink wink???*
Sequential art (comics, webcomics, graphic novels, manga, etc.)
these guys are power junkies too, ugh...
theres a LOT LOT LOT of variation in this category so excuse the vagueness
theres the ones with really weird and absurd abilities, and the depressed losers who are literal serial killers. theres barely any in-between
a lot of them represent media that gets adapted into something else, so many forget that some of the most powerful beings out there used to be pathetic little sequential art guys
Traditional comics: power junkies that are known for their odd and absurd abilities.
Webcomics: young and hip guys that most see as either the hipsters of the Altered Lands, or complete lunatics. There's no in-between.
Manga: like 99% of Japanese beings are this, despite their claims of being anime. Also a bunch of power junkies with absurd abilites, but now people fetishize the shit out of them!
Internet Natives (Web series and other media that intially started on the internet)
these are the millenials and zoomers of the Altered Lands. Theyre either young pretentious hipsters, or absolute lunatics. This is where the webcomic guys get their reputations
Theres a HUUUUUUGE amount of physical variation. I can't sum them all up in only four indents!
In general, they have features similar to their traditional, non-internet variants.
A common phenomenon thats seen in these guys in them becoming extremely popular for a month or two, and then suddenly losing all energy and vanishing. These are monthings, and they're fucking annoying to deal with because of how hopeful and naive they are.
Modifiers and other types
Tv series are more used to getting large amounts of energy in a short amount of time, but has a chance to suddenly lose it all and vanish. Due to this, a lot of beings dislike becoming close to them unless they know they aren't going to suddenly die.
Movies are more used to having little to no energy after a huge burst of it; they're the opposite of tv series, having less of a "WOOOOO LIFE FAST" mentality than them.
Anime fandoms like to claim that they have an anime affinity, but there is no anime affinity! They either have a sequential art or animated affinity
Weird situations where a piece of media has no canon, and is more of a community that exists have a reputation for being actual legitimate crazy people. You thought those guys earlier were nuts? These guys are the true chaos gods of the Altered Lands, as they have no real limits. Freedom!!!