An alleged investigator that usually deals with disappearances and other domestic incidents; he's a bit old compared to many other chimera, having manifesting in the late 80's, so he's seen some shit. Despite being labeled as a wererabbit, he prefers to be in his rabbit form more often; some say he used to appear human more often, but he quit for an unknown reason. He collects vintage comics, VHSes, magazines featuring suggestively posing men (for the articles), and novelty mugs. He was a socialite many seasons ago, but nowadays he keeps to himself outside of work -- but then again, he was never that good at socializing, as 90% of the time he would spit out awful snarky quips and act like a smug was the 90s, 2000s, and early 2010s, so what he said back then was considered acceptable. He has psychic powers, but he only uses them when he considers it convenient, like hovering things toward himself or reading the minds of random people when he's bored.

Appearance Antony is a German Angora rabbit with brown pointed ears, hands, feet, and face. His eyes are a light reddish-purple color typical of most colorpointed rabbits. He only wears an large, bright yellow trenchcoat due to his rabbity anatomy, but occasionally he'll wear a nice shirt when he feels like it. When he's not wearing a nice shirt, he wears clothes he thrifted from vintage shops and garage sales. Some could call him a furry, but due to his age, he manifests as a funny animal, a type of anthromorphic animal more common before the 2000s. The glasses aren't decorative; his eyesight isn't the best in both his human and rabbit form.

Personality He's unemotional, like rabbits usually are, and many are disappointed when they find that he isn't as zany as other old funny animals are. Antony's preferred method of investigating is the "Fuck Around and Find Out" method, where he does a bunch of random crap that somehow manages to get him closer to an arbitrary conclusion. When he's not doing random stuff to "investigate" things, he's usually doing random stuff just to do random stuff. He has a huge sweet tooth, and has done some extremely stupid things to get something sweet, such as [REDACTED]. He visits random bars, gets shitfaced, and wonders why he keeps waking up in the houses of random people wearing nothing but a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, shutter sunglasses, a clown nose, and a lampshade on his head. Oh, you!

History Antony had quite the life, starting out as a chimera living in a small village next to a city called Arcadia. An association of investigators had asked Antony to work with them, claiming that his life would be better with them. Antony didn't have anything better to do at the time, so he lived with them for a bit. And so, Antony became a gamer. He met all sorts of weirdos during his time with those investigators, but he soon learned of Aubade, a city that everyone wanted to go -- and he could go live there! He moved over to an apartment complex filled with some of the most powerful chimera he knew of--these guys got a weekly shot of energy, and stayed forever young? Antony checked this lifestyle out, and so he became a damn toon. Everything was going amazingly--people liked him, he got the advertised weekly dose of energy,and he managed to make a few new friends along the way! Antony soon learned that this lifestyle was not all burritos and strippers--he left Aubade after one of it's powerful chimera had a destructive breakdown, causing him to move back in with the chimera investigators after becoming jaded toward the toon lifestyle. Antony ironically started to stay in his rabbit form more after the incident, for reasons that's considered a complete mystery by scientists. Life became monotonous for Antony, as him and one of his brothers, Whitney, had started their own investigation business called Rusthook Investigations, being made up of many of the game chimera that he had formerly associated with many years ago, In an attempt to drum up business, Antony moved his Rusthook Investigations to Arcadia, causing Antony and Whitney to become extremely hyperactive and impulsive from the amount of energy in Arcadia. Antony lived a star-studded life for a few years, making extremely dubious decisions, eventually meeting two fellows at a bar during a game of poker respectfully named Theodore and Mellow. At this point, Antony and Whitney had both decided that they were both (in their words) "Too old with this shit", and ditched the big city for a small village, the exact one that Antony that lived in years ago. Antony's still close to Mellow and Theodore, but all three of them have been too busy with their obligations and jobs to hang around anymore.

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