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Random Indie Sites

These are random sites i like. No, I'm not putting your site on here, and no, I don't link back. This is for inspirations and websites I find that I think are cool. If any of my buddies make sites, I'll put 'em here.

One of the first neocities sites I found..I have no idea how I even got there. This website would legitimately not exist if I didn't find this, so thanks!

One of the inspirations for this website. the ????? page has a bunch of random graphics.

One of the inspirations for this site. Has a language select (very rare for neocities) for english, german, and french, and is filled with touhou stuff and sparkly anime girls.

One of THE most stylish sites on neocites. It's kind of hard to describe other than "J-fashion fansite mixed with Y2K aesthetics with a touch of vintage".

An incredibly stylish website. The button doesn't do it justice.

Another stylish website. It's rendered in nearly all black and white, with occasional splashes of color.

Has a bunch of random stuff, including a few radio stations and a cat cam. The radio that plays alt music has some pretty good stuff, from what I last remembered.

Stuff To Read

a button with a blue background with a stylized jelly creature with a horn and tail with text that says UNICORN JELLY
"Unicorn Jelly is a philosophical science fiction manga strip which tells a metaphoric and purposeful story with a definitive beginning and ending. It was published every weekday at Midnight from 2000 to 2003."

� This is not a lighthearted webcomic. �

A webcomic from the early 2000s about a unicorn-like jelly and it's adventures through a fantasy world. Has impressive worldbuilding, though it does have some content that may be considered a bit questionable nowadays.


"This article is about the standard test brain image. For the original human, see Miguel Acevedo.
MMAcevedo(Mnemonic Map/Acevedo), also known as Miguel, is the earliest executable image of a human brain."

This story contains themes of unreality and weird unethical brain uploading.

A short story about brain uploading and the ethics of it, written like a futuristic Wikipedia article. I believe the author writes SCPS, so if you enjoy those then you may or may not like this.

soft corruptor
when i was in 3rd grade/i convinced my friend's older sister to loan me her gameboy color/with pokekmon blue/on the one condition/that i never save over her file.

A uniquely-formatted story presumably from the author's childhood.

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park
The Mystery Flesh Pit is the name given to a bizarre natural geobiological feature discovered in the Permian Basin region of West Texas in the early 1970s. The pit is characterized as an enormous subterranean organism of indeterminate size and origin embedded deep within the earth, displaying a vast array of highly unusual and often disturbing phenomena within its vast internal anatomy.

� This website contains body horror, gore, and themes of unreality. �

An unfiction project about a very large creature that happens to have one of its orfices located in West Texas. This creature is then made into a tourist hellhole paradise.

This site contains several years of research in the classification of occlupanids. These small objects are everywhere, dotting supermarket aisles and sidewalks with an impressive array of form and color. The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group has taken on the mantle of classifying this most common, yet most puzzling, member of phylum Plasticae.

A website that categorizes bread clips as organisms.

Kid Radd
Kid Radd is an animated pseudo-sprite comic that ran from February 2002 until September 2004.

An old sprite comic about sentient video game characters; if you like Wreck-it Ralph, you'll love this. Some parts of this aged like milk, the others like fine wine.

Serina: A Natural History of the World of Birds
Serina is an ongoing, chronological world-building exercise and speculative evolution project that explores the natural history of a fictional terraformed moon, two thirds the size of Earth and orbiting a large gas giant in the habitable zone of an alternate solar system, populated by only a handful of organisms including grasses, sunflowers, ants, crickets, guppies, and - most notably of all - a single land vertebrate: the domestic canary. Our journey to this strange world will take us from the very beginning and then progress steadily along though the eons as the world's newly introduced life adapts to and evolves to suit its strange, new and ever-changing environment.

Specbio project about a world populated by birds.

Unusual Wikipedia Articles
Of the over six million articles in the English Wikipedia there are some articles that Wikipedians have identified as being somewhat unusual. These articles are verifiable, valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical, or something one would not expect to find in Encyclop�dia Britannica.

The site explains itself.


These are old fansites. Expect crunge.

Doo's NeverhoOd FanPage

Last Updated:Mid-late 2000s?

Created:July 28th, 1997

Neverhood fanpage that has the complete Hall of Records on it (Note: the Hall of Records has content that has not aged well. The second part, not counting the preamble, has the r-slur in it, alongside some other ""fun"" stuff.), and a bunch of otherfandom relics.

Old Neverhood fanlisting

An old fanlisting that's only good for graphics nowadays.

Czech Neverhood fansite (CZ and SK; NO ENGLISH)

Last Updated:May 12th, 2014

Created:Some time in 2006

I have no clue what this site says, but theres a bunch of cool screenshots, scans of the game's instruction booklet, and a links page that is a rabbit hole of fandom historia. Might be interesting for anyone who speaks Czech or Slovakian.

Neverhood site archive
This website is an archive of the old taken down in December 2002 and preserved by Matt Pearman at until February 2006. Please link here to help us preserve this website for all future. Maintained by Rickard Dahlstrand

Thank you for your service soldier, also look at the old site its so crusty i love it

EMGE's FinFin Homepage (DE & EN)

Last Updated:April 25th, 2023

Created:July 22nd, 2001

A FinFin fanpage with a bunch of random media hosted on it, a forum, and a mini-calendar of game events.

Sam and Max ate my balls!

While not 18+, this page could be considered NSFW due to jokes about nuts.

you heard it here folks sam and max eat balls

Dave's Sam and Max fanpage

Last Updated:Around December 11th, 1998?

Created:Around September 27th, 1995 (damn!)

Sam & Max fanpage that has a bunch of random stuff. Some of this stuff aged hilariously.


Things I'm nostalgic for

Smash Bros. DOJO!! Archive

Archive of the old official SSBB site. Nothing too interesting if you're already familiar with the Brawl dojo.

M&L:BIS site archive

The site seems to have a flash and flashless version, so if you're using a browser that has a flash emulator/supports flash, then great! if not, then still great! and Mario & Sonic games

A pair of flash game sites that I played on a lot as a kid. If you have a browser that supports flash/a flash emulator, then have fun! Theres also sections of the site with old graphics and wallpapers.

Useful Things


this site is safe! It hasn't been updated in a while, though

web version of an old mac paint program, suprisingly fun to use with its limitations


recreation of old mspaint


recreation of an old public domain'd version of kid pix, its a lil stanky but it works


Online dithering program that supports transparency and has a bunch of random options

Local paintBBS

most of this site is in japanese, but navigating the program shouldn't be too hard

a popular oekaki program, made so that you can mess with it without logging into some forum site!

a site that you totally should not go to for old game roms ;)

a site that I totally dont go to for getting good nintendo ds roms, hehehe ;););)


A website showcasing bad HTML.

Contrast Rebellion

every time i see one of those """AESTHETIC""" websites i think of this. "doesnt fit the vibe" my ass please make your sites readable

Walt Stanchfield animation class handouts
Walt prepared handout notes for every class. Over the years Walt collected over 800 pages of notes! Walt died 2000 [sic], he was 81 years old. Most of these notes have been compiled into the Drawn To Life Books.

art class handouts! dont have much to say these are great art lessons

The w/ic/i

google site made by an anon that compiles a fuckton of art resources

Ron Doucet's storyboard guide

this page is really long, it may take a while to load! so from what i can gather the dude who made this has worked in the tv animation field for a longass time so,,,,this dude really knows what hes saying and doing!! fuck it im putting this whole site here it has so much great things on it

CARI Institute
CARI, or Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, is an online community dedicated to developing a visual lexicon of consumer ephemera from the 1970s until now.

catalog of aesthetics commonly seen in consumer things. you might have heard of some of the terms used on the site

Creative Uncut

Website focusing on game concept art, primarily newer game art.

Indie Wiki Buddy
When you visit a wiki on a large, corporate-run site, this extension will notify or automatically redirect you to quality independent wikis when they're available. Search results in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo can also be filtered, replacing non-independent wikis *with text inviting you to visit the independent counterpart.

Support independent wikis NOW!

Amazon Alternatives

Wanna quit using Amazon? Here's a site with links to shops to buy from instead!


Reverse image search


Reverse image search for weebs


A website hosting a few old abandonware programs translated into English and French. I recommend checking out AZdrawer and AZpainter, they're fun to mess with!



Videogame music radio. You can vote on which song goes next!

Sitting On Clouds

Video game & anime soundtrack downloads. I like how the soundtracks from here have scans of the stuff included with the soundtrack CD! frontend (VGM rips)

Website hosting raw game rips--these need a specialized player or plugin to play! Despite this, these are usually high quality, though some of them aren't organized very well.


Another game rip site; this one also has odd file extensions, so you'll need a specialied player/plugin to listen to them.

Gensokyo Radio

Radio playing 2hu remixes

Fandom History


A wiki about fandoms and their culture. It's run by the folks who made AO3!


A wiki focusing on older fandom culture, specifically revolving around sci-fi and related fandoms.

Random Stuff

Computer Stupidities

dubiously real stories about people not quite understanding computing submitted from the 90s to the early 2010s


Mirror of an old site with some unnerving smilies

big rat

big rat