the april 2020 instagram livestream

I created this page nearly a year ago, and my coding was...dubiously good. The information is fine, but it's placed here mostly as-is, the only edits being me cutting out the shitty outdated html tags and updating information.

so in 2020 these livestreams happened:

part 1
part 2

nobody seems to have tried to summarize the stuff in there, so i might as well

and by me i mean the legitimately awful person who summarized that stream and made a thread of that summary on twitter. im yoinking that information because nobody needs to give that person attention :)

i am taking all of that information from that thread bc i dont really waaannnaaaa watch those steams rn,,only canon information here, random stuff shall be put in when i feel like it


was gonna do a thing abt name pronunciations here but tbh i think its more fun if theres just no pronunciation guide because ENGLISH ANARCHY BABY

wayne and gibby's names are moon puns! as in waning moon and gibbous moon!

somsnosas name apparently originated from (thread copied) When Mason was a child, he tried to sign his drawing and write his name. The result was “S mo snos”

some character names were randomly generated

a solid chunk of things (or even everything!) that were named was a mix of an obscure scientific term for an animal, stanky old medieval words, or just random words

Hylics was intended to be like Yume Nikki where you would be "Walking around dream-like landscapes" and there would be item puzzle stuff

and then a bunch of "manic sculpting" began. a bunch of characters were then made by throwing a clay head onto a figurine (vaguely related: me and a bunch of ppl in a discord server concluded that the figure bodies might have been random bootleg action figures based on what could be made out on the bodies)

NPCS in h2 were fully intended to be less random and more npc-y. foreshadowing is cool and good

space funeral was also an influence (play space funeral btw)

h1 plot was mostly improvised, h2 was not improvised (obviously)

item designs were inspired by random stuff lying around and weird fruit

why the name hylics? either because of some deep symbolism shit where (i am copying this directly from the thread the earlier mentioned awful person made) The character (Wayne) was thought to be connected to that, but over time the meaning changed to “non-player characters are thoughtless and their speech is random – They are Hylics”

or because ehehe edgy (this part also copied from awful person thread:The name "Hylics" was also probably chosen because of the “angst phase” of Mason’s life)

dedus gets he/him'd (remember gamers pronouns dont equal gender *gets off of soapbox*)

there was a joke abt dracula being in the dlc (which does not exist)

h2 was originally supposed to have a completely different party consisting of 4 characters:

instar and fleam could be used later!

every party member is associated with a different instrument

once again copied from that thread:Wayne in the game is perpetuating his afterlife/rebirth cycle and that’s a stasis for him, he doesn’t want it to end. The conflict of the game is that Gibby has other views and “other way of doing things”

who is the real villain/who is right who is wrong: There is no explicit good vs evil. Though Gibby does some bad stuff, he “transforms some people into thoughtless beasts without their consent” and that is “kinda evil”. “Or maybe it’s wrong that Wayne doesn’t die”.

pongorma has a helmet in both h1 and h2


Wayne’s backstory: there are mechanisms of his “production” and there is a Wayne life-cycle, metamorphosis, clone Waynes, Old Wayne, Larva Wayne

Wayne’s mom? “In the DLC” (/j)

Wayne’s blood type? “Moon”

What does Wayne smell like? “He smells like ROMA plastilina no. 1 modeling clay. Or maybe hot cheese”

from what i have been told by someone in a discord server im in, ROMA plastilina no. 1 modeling clay smells like sulfur

Wayne’s favorite snack: “It’s going to be Burrito. And vegetables too”

dutchman's breeches are the official hylics flower according to mason

copied and pasted from that thread: HylemXylem theme “Look ma, I fly now” was written as a “location that does not care, if you are here” with the “element or overwhelming essence of pride” as if “You should be thankful, that you are here, in my area!” (The last phrase was said by Chuck trying to impersonate Gibby)