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I do not control the contents of the websites i link to.

I like collecting links to fansites. I made a separate page for them because I have quite a few--don't expect to find any anime fansites here, both because I rarely watch anime so I can't really comment much on those, and also bc they're just not interesting to me.

The Neverhood

The Whole Hall of Records
The R-slur is used in Bertbert's section, alongside a bunch of other "pleasant" stuff that aged like milk. yea its the entire text from the hall of records. if you have to read one part read Hoborg's part its really good i swear

Old Neverhood Fanlisting
yea its an old fanlisting, nothing too interesting but theres some cool graphics

The graphics The last three are made by someone called birgit

Česko-slovenské stránky o hře The Neverhood (Czech-Slovak site about The Neverhood)
Yea its exactly what it sounds like, there's no english but its pretty cool to look through. The links section is a whole rabbit hole (in the links section, the link labeled "Rossetina stránka" leads to a site that has nsfw content.)

link buttons

Archive of the official neverhood website

This website is an archive of the old taken down in December 2002 and preserved by Matt Pearman at until February 2006. Please link here to help us preserve this website for all future. Maintained by Rickard Dahlstrand
everyone say thank you rickard. btw look at the old neverhood site page its so crusty i love it

lucasarts & lucasarts adjacent fansite quarantine

some of this stuff is a lil surface level in terms of fansite stuff but trust me bro the sites here are neat. if i start adding things here then assume i found a new hyperfixation in this evergrowing rabbit hole


The International House of Mojo
Fansite for Lucasarts games that's been around since 1997. Has a lot of random neat stuff hosted on it's servers if you know where to look.

Lucasarts Fanfiction

"LucasArts Fiction is a website dedicated to novelisations and fanfics based on LucasArts adventure games. That means Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Zak McKracken..., etc. "
yea its a fanfic archive, pretty neat

Lucasforum Archive
An archive of a forum + forum network dedicated to lucasfilm and lucasfilm-adjacent things.

An emulator for lucasarts games. Unline SCUMMVM, DREAMM can run things that aren't SCUMM games, and uses a different type of emulation, alongside a bunch of other complex stuff that can be summarized as "pick whatever you need idk lol"
You'll need the game's original executable to run it with DREAMM!

Grim Fandango

The Department of Death
Grim Fandango fansite with a few sections dedicated to fanstuff. Last updated in November 2009.

Glottis's Garage
This has a bunch of random crap, but the comics hosted by it are adorably janky.

Grim Fandango Central
Another old fansite...Check out these vintage shitposts!

Monkey Island

Monkey Island fansite that's been around since 1996. Most impressively, it's still active!

Is Guybrush Threepwood bisexual?
Good for him! (The rest of the site is also pretty neat, check out the links section!)

Monkey Island Millennium Edition
everyone say thank you tripod for keeping relics like this up
the site was apparently run by a woman named Erica Stinson who had a website where she sold games and other computer stuff. I wonder what she's doing nowadays?

Sam & Max

Sam and Max Ate My Balls! (NSFW)
theres a lot of broken images but the text remains. still pretty funny, in my opinion.

Dave's Sam and Max fanpage
A fanpage with a lot of random stuff. This site may or may not have been made in 1995. The fansite was made by someone by the name of David LaMacchia, who apparently went to MIT, got into some legal trouble for distributing pirated stuff on a BBS, before going on to work at Oracle as of either 1995 or 1999. Wonder what he's doing now?

Sam and Max (
Sam and Max fansite with a few neat sections--there's also a forum!


Esoteric fansites and/or meme pages that i dont have enough of a specific fandom to warrant a section for

Emge's Finfin Homepage

A finfin fansite! It's apparently been around since before 2003.

homestar runner yaoi


The "Heavy-Medic Duo"

"Literally just everything Heavymedic/Red Oktoberfest related I could find online that's even remotely canonical, official, or in any way important. Just 9~k-ish (now 13k) words of concentrated nonsense. This took FOREVER to get out, because putting pictures in an ao3 post is a long and annoying process and i really, really hope it work because if it doesn't, none of this is going to work or make sense. Enjoy."

Fandom History, Pre-Internet fandom things, and Other Vaguely Fandom-Related Things

A wiki about fandom stuff. Run by the Organization for Transformative Works AKA the AO3 guys

Transformative Works and Cultures
Academic journal publishing articles about fandom culture. Run by the Organization for Transformative Works

A website compiling knowledge about old fandom culture, specifically relating to science fiction fandom.

8-bit Magazine Rack
A copious amount of home computer magazine scans

The Fanfic Symposium
A compilation of random essays about 2000's fandom stuff.

Webring for personal or communal fanfic archives.