collection of pink toy electronics next to two drinks

hi im mira im 19 and i use any pronouns

i draw things and rotate random topics in my brain at high velocities, please be patient i have anxiety and maybe adhd (not entirely sure yet but it's very likely)

i prefer to let my actions speak so stare at these images until something clicks in your mind and you realize your place in the universe

this website and my works are my escapes from the fucked up nightmarish intrusive thoughts i have (actual ones not the stupid quirky impulsive things people say are intrusive thoughts), please dont ask me to talk abt [INSERT SERIOUS REAL-WORLD ISSUE HERE], [INSERT STUPID INTERNET DRAMA HERE], or share anything asking for donations, i can and will ignore you

honeycomb stamp source

adult any pronouns the nine stripe rainbow pride flag the arospec pride flag neurodivergent ally disability ally
deviantart-style stamps (flashing warning)