I am but a simple 18 y/o nudibranch, wandering throughout life. now look at these random graphics hehe

ID Buttons


She/her Agender It/its Agender Thon/thons Capricorn Monkey Anxiety Eclectic Taste

Click on a stamp to see it's source, if i know it... (for legal reasons the furry slayer stamp is a joke)

Stamps Ronald McDonald in a car going at high speeds saying Lol, internet Two girls dancing over a pink background the text furry slayer written in bright red over a colorful gradient background computer dialogue window that says Maybe you should make your own website with a button that says cool i made a valiant attempt to describe it but. its hylics i dont think i could describe this even if i tried crudely drawn face spewing out the text LOL colored red and repeating image of cat with text that alternates between I IS LOLCAT and I CAN HAS STAMP? text over a pink and white gradient background that says METAKNIGHT IS GAY! with a sprite of meta knight next to it a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo with text saying SURREALISM overlaid on it an animated version of the Krita logo with a colorful animated background and text that says Krita User a close-up photo of HTML code image with animated text cycling through grayscale colors saying I ROCK OUT TO 8-BIT MUSIC photo of a hairless rat next to a small, colorful piano pixel art illustration of three flowers in a field with text that says I love flowers 6 images of various colorful faces that cycle in rainbow order